Q: What are Timco Wood’s products made from?
A: Timco Wood creates an engineered material made from 100% FSC® certified timber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene. Other materials include UV stabilizer, colouring, and anti-fungal agents. It combines the best features of wood and polyethylene, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Q: What colours do Timco Wood’s products come in?
A: There are various colours available. Please refer to each product range for its available colours. Special colours can be purchased if the quantity required is over a certain amount: for further information, please contact us.

Q: What finishes of Timco Wood deck boards are available?
A: Timco Wood’s deck boards are currently finished with an anti-slip ridge on the upper, walking surface. There is a wood grain effect to the other side which is purely for decorative use, such as for step risers and/or fascia around a deck. The wood grain side is not suitable for use as a walking service.

Q: What is the difference between Timco Wood decking and other forms of decking?
A: Traditional soft wood and hardwood decking expands as it absorbs water. It may rot over time as well as requiring a high level of maintenance to keep it immaculate.
Timco Wood’s decking is made from 100% FSC® certified timber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene and will not rot. It is also low maintenance, with a greater slip and UV resistance than pure timber decking.

Q: Is Timco Wood decking really saving me money in the long term?
A: Yes. The initial cost of our decking may be marginally higher than softwood but cheaper than hardwood, but within a few years your decking will reclaim the difference. This is because Timco Wood’s decking requires minimal effort to keep it looking great, meaning maintenance costs are low. As the cost of treatments and labour for traditional wooden decking increases, our products are the perfect cost-effective option.

Q: Will the colour of Timco Wood Decking/Balustrade/Cladding/Fencing change over time?
A: All WPC decking materials exposed to the weather will fade during the early months, thereafter it will remain stable. As our composite wood is a man-made recycle product, colour variations are to be expected. Our warranty does not cover colour fade, discolouration or water marks, stains on our products. On deliveries colour variations may occur in different batches.

Q: Standard decking can be very slippery when wet. Is Timco Wood’s decking the same?
A:Timco Wood’s decking is proven to provide a great slip-resistant surface when wet and dry. Whatever the conditions, it out performs timber and most of our competitors! Our tests were performed by TRADA – the leading authority on wood.

Q: How long is the warranty on Timco products?
A: The warranty for the domestic market is 25 year. Details about our warranty can be found here.

Q: Are special tools are required to install Timco Wood decking?
A: No special tools are required when working with Timco Wood’s decking, although we do recommend a saw blade with fewer teeth for the best results.

Q: What will happen to Timco Wood in hot and cold weather?
A: Timco Wood’s wood products constantly change in size as the UK’s weather changes. However, as long as the product is correctly installed to allow for expansion, the physical effects should go unnoticed.
Timco Wood’s wood plastic composites expand and contract along its length, so you may need an expansion gap. For example, allow a 30mm gap when fitting board’s length on/perpendicular to a solid structure i.e. a wall. As a general rule, for decking that is fitted in the UK there is potential for Timco Wood’s composite decking to expand by up to 0.5% of its length.

Q: What span should I use between joists?
A: Timco Wood recommends a 250mm – 300mm maximum span between centres on decking installations in the UK. If you are laying your deck in a different formation, please refer to our installation manuals for correct figures.
For cladding in the UK, we recommend having batons at 500mm centres for a traditional horizontal or vertical formation. More information can be found in our installation manuals.

Q: Do I butt joint lengths together?
A: Yes. Butt joints should be installed as per the instructions in our installation manuals. Don’t forget to leave an expansion gap at joints based on the expansion rate of 0.5% of the board’s length.

Q: Is composite decking child friendly?
A: Yes. Our composite decking has excellent anti-slip qualities and all fixings are concealed, making our boards child and bare foot friendly.

Q: What is the reaction of Timco Wood to fire?
A: Our products have a much higher ignition than standard timber. Its self-ignition temperature is 450°C/840°F, thus it is less likely to catch fire.

Q: What is the reaction of Timco Wood products to water?
A: Timco Wood’s composite materials absorb very little water. The water absorption rate of 1.75% is much better than timber.

Q: What types of fasteners are recommended for Timco Wood decking?
A: We recommend using our stainless steel concealed clips on our decking and cladding products.

Q: Can I use Timco Wood’s products for load bearing applications such as joists and/or structural work?
A: We do not recommend composite joists for load bearing as it has not been tested. Please consult our team or a structural engineer if you have any further questions.

Q: Does Timco Wood decking and cladding require gapping between boards?
A: Yes. Changes in weather conditions will cause slight expansion/contraction of composite wood – the expansion rate is 0.3% of the length of the board. Therefore, gapping is required both side-to-side and end-to-end of the boards. Please refer to our installation manuals here.

Q: Will my Timco Wood be affected by insects such as termites?
A:No. Timco Wood is highly resistant to rotting, splintering and decay. It doesn’t require any traditional timber treatment for protection. All of Timco Wood’s material is termite resistant due to the mixing of FSC® certified timber and high density polyethylene.

Q: How to I clean my Timco Wood decking?
A: Timco Wood decking is very low maintenance and soapy water can used to quickly clean away debris. If you choose to use a power washer please keep at least a distance of 30cm between the power jet and the deck board surface. Please see our maintenance page for cleaning instructions.

Q: Why do my Stainless Steel Concealed Clips & Screws look as though they are rusting?
A: Stainless steel resists rust and won’t stain as much as other types of steel. What may appear to be rust is actually surface corrosion. When stainless steel comes in contact with chloride (which is found in seawater) or chlorine (which is used in swimming pools), the protective chromium oxide layer gets penetrated and allows a corrosive attack to occur.
Thoroughly rinsing all your deck with fresh water after it is exposed to salt or chlorinated water is the best way to prevent corrosion.

Q: How should Timco Wood products be stored?
A: If you intend to store Timco Wood products prior to construction, products should be stored indoors in polythene wrap as per the original manufacturers packaging. If items are to be stored outside should be properly sheltered to prevent direct interference from sunlight, rain, moisture etc. The product must be close stacked in the shade, clear of the ground on levelled bearers (300mm), they should be stored on a level surface such as a concrete floor. Products need to be stored in a manner that prevents sagging and permits free air circulation.