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Share your TIMCO WOOD decking project

and win £ 200 of Amazon Voucher

  • Send in 3 photos, 2 full project and 1 close up to receive £10 IMMEDIATELY
  • Compete in our “Best TIMCO Project Picture” for the chance to win a further £ 200 voucher*


Every project can take part ONLY ONCE.

You must submit at least 3 pictures of your Decking area (Max 5 pictures) and we will publish them on our social media channel for you to share. Once they are online, we will send you an email and you can start to run for the contest.

We'd love to see your project and we want you to have the best opportunity to win. For this reason, make sure your pictures follow these tips to win the "Best TIMCO Project Picture" (see the EXAMPLE):

- One full front project picture

- One full project from a different angle

- One close up picture of the project

- The pictures must not contain rubbish, wastage etc

- Follow our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram

- Invite your friends to share and like your pictures

Best TIMCO Project Picture

Every quarter, at the end of March, June, September and December, the picture with most likes on our Facebook and Instagram combined will win...

an additional £200 Amazon Voucher.


Full front

Full project picture

Second full project

Full project picture from a different angle

Close picture

A close picture


*TIMCO WOOD reserves the right to review the images and choose only the ones that can be used. We pay the Amazon Voucher only for the images that can be used.

By submitting the pictures you attest your decking is TIMCO WOOD decking.

By submitting the pictures you are agreeing that all/any parties shown have provided consent to publish.

We will use these pictures on our marketing channels: brochures, social media and website.

Only the likes on the pictures on OUR pages will count.

We will NEVER mention or share your personal information or data.