Timco Aluminium Joist for Decking


- 3600 x 48 x 72mm
- 3600 x 48 x 38mm
- 3600 x 48 x 22mm

- Powder Coated

- Screw and brackets

Delivery: All over the UK

Aluminium Joist is the perfect solution for your decking: no rot, no maintenance, never ending. It means very cheap in the long term.

Sub-frame is an essential component for your decking project.

Usually, when thinking about buying decking, we only consider the boards and the fixings.

The subframe is just as important as the decking itself!

At Timco Wood, we want you to get the best on every project!

A universal joisting system designed specifically to suit our boards and fixings.

Timco Aluminium joists are:

  • Non combustible
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Light Weight
  • Long Lasting

Our sub-frame ensures you can make the most of your Timco Wood Composite Decking.

That’s why we developed Timco Aluminium Joist!

Even if it is recommended for every kind of project, you can appreciate its qualities in balconies and commercial environments. The light weight, the maintenance free and the not combustible properties are specially designed for big buildings and balconies.

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